Monday, August 25, 2008

How to create a chunk file ?

Open Dexterity Utilities and perform the following steps:

1) Open the source dictionary using the Development Dictionary (File -> Open Source Dictionary).
2) From the Toolbar, select Utilities -> Extract to extract all resources into an Extracted Dictionary.
3) If you do not have any alternate forms and/or reports, skip to step 7.
4) Open the destination dictionary using the Extracted Dictionary you created in step 2 (File -> Open Destination Dictionary).
5) From the Toolbar, use Transfer -> Dictionary Module to transfer any alternate forms and/or reports into the Extracted Dictionary.
6) Close the destination dictionary (File -> Close Destination Dictionary).
7) Close the source dictionary (File -> Close Source Dictionary).
8) Open the editable dictionary by using the Extracted Dictionary created in step 2 (File -> Open Editable Dictionary).
9) If you do not have any alternate forms and/or reports, skip to step 11.
10) From the Toolbar, go to Resources -> Series Resources. Check both the All Resource Types and All Series check boxes, and click Update.
11) From the Toolbar, select Utilities -> Product Information. Enter the Product Name, Product ID, the names of the custom forms and reports dictionaries, and the compatibility information. Then click OK. Make sure the Set file is DYNAMICS.SET and the Dictionary is set to 0.
12) Select Utilities -> Auto Chunk. Then use the Browse button to select the filename of the Chunk Dictionary; use an 8.3 format filename with the extension .cnk. Next select a module (I usually use 19, which was labeled as Dexterity in older versions), and enter your major, minor, and build numbers). Finally, select Total Compression to remove the source code from the final Chunk, and press OK.
13) Close the editable dictionary (File -> Close Editable Dictionary).


Chullan said...

welcome to blogging !! aliya all da best :) keep writing !!

jiyaul huk said...

how to create chunk with coding

suresh n said...

I don't think, we can create a chunk creation with coding, Macros can be created for chunk file creation.